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Industrious Demo Student
Right now I want to research saints and why the medieval Church accepted their existence. I don't know anything about saints so I will have to start to narrow down this topic. Dr. Winkler says to watch Ms. Poole's slideshare about how to do history research and to narrow down topics.

(Industrious Student goes away and watches the demos. For convenience, they have been embedded on the How-To Screencast page.)

Working Notes: Checked out the Wikipedia and Catholic Encyclopedia articles on saints. Lots of good general stuff. I can't use those on my paper, of course.

And there are so many saints! I liked the stories about women saints and how women influenced the Church in the thirteenth century. I think I want to do something about female saints in the twelfth-thirteenth centuries.

What about the Desert Mothers of Liege? Or maybe the Beguines. Maybe I don't want to do saints, but women's communities. When I decide I will update the navigation bar,