Potential Topics

Please note that these topics are all very large, and that you will have to narrow them down to one aspect of them to make them manageable. When you decide on a topic, please click EDIT, and type your name in BOLD beside your chosen topic. If more than one of you wants to do a topic, you have formed a group. Please come see me about special group rules.

The Lollards :
Jan Hus and the Hussites,
the Council of Constance
The Elector Frederick,
the Ottoman Empire, \
the problem of indulgences,
the Peasants’ War,
the Diet of Worms,
the Diet of Augsburg
The Swiss Confederation,
Calvin and predestination,
Thomas More,
Henry VIII and divorce
Caxton and the printing press,
Lucas Cranach the elder,
Albrecht Durer,
Catherine de Medici
the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre,
the Catholic League,
the War of the Three Henries
The Jesuits,
the Inquisition,
Gasparo Contarini,
the Ursulines,
Council of Trent
The Index of Banned Books
the Spanish Armada,
Philip II of Spain,
Elizabeth I of England
witch trials
the 95 Theses
Unrich Zwingli
Thomas Muntzer and the Peasants' Revolt
*PLease note that spiritualism has NOTHING TO DO with mediums, seances, table rapping, ghosts, or any of the nineteenth-and 20th century associations with the word. Spiritualism in the Reformation has a VERY precise theological meaning, which you must address. Sources are fairly hard to find for this topic, so proceed with care.

If you’re really interested in something not on this list, come talk with me!